Tips for Would-Be Dog Owners

Dog Ownership pic
Dog Ownership

Benigna Marko has been a public servant for over 30 years. Outside of her passion for serving her community, Benigna Marko also likes animals, particularly dogs.

While owning a dog may be fun, there are many things people should know before making the decision to do so. First and foremost, dogs will not be able to care for themselves: if you do not have the time to take care of a dog, it is not a good idea to own one.

For people who would like to start off with a puppy, remember that puppies are like children and need a lot of care and supervision. Have plenty of chewable toys around, as puppies like to investigate and explore new things and may start chewing the furniture and other property; it’s essential to keep valuables and harmful items such as chemicals out of reach.

Puppies also need to be house-trained, so if you don’t have the time or resources to train a puppy, it may be better to adopt an adult dog that is already housebroken.

Make sure you know the breed. If the puppy will become a large dog as an adult, it will require space and time to roam around and exercise.

These are just a few tips for would-be dog owners. Choose a dog that you like, but remember that many responsibilities come with man’s best friend.


Tips for Photographing Pets

Photographing Pets pic
Photographing Pets

Benigna Marko has worked for nearly three decades as a manager in the local government of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Outside of her professional pursuits, Benigna Marko enjoys a number of hobbies, including photographing animals. Below are a few tips for individuals seeking to capture beautiful photographs of their pets.

Use the right equipment
More often than not, pets do not like to sit still for pictures. To get good shots, it is important that you invest in the right equipment. In addition to selecting a camera with high burst capacity and frame rate, you should test different zoom speeds for varying photo effects.

Grab their attention
Try surprising your pets when you want to grab their attention. Once they are settled and relaxed, call their name, hold up a treat, or whistle so they will look at you. Don’t forget to have your camera ready—you may only have a brief window of time in which to get the shot.

Get on their level
You can take truly unique photographs of your pet by moving the camera down to their level and snapping shots from a variety of angles. Get creative and try photographing them from underneath or behind, or getting close-ups of their ears and paws.

Benigna Marko Offers Practical Tips for Preparing for International Travel

International Travel pic
International Travel

In order to enjoy your traveling experience abroad, you must complete a few preparations in advance. The first necessary step involves the security of your documents, which requires bringing copies of your passport with you and leaving an additional backup copy with a trusted family member or friend. As protection against possible emergencies, register with your embassy and ensure you carry sufficient medical insurance coverage. Before you leave, research local currencies so that you can use cash in addition to carrying your major credit cards. Also notify your bank and card providers of your trip to prevent them from suspecting fraud and delaying approval of your credit charges. Remember to activate your phone for global travel and check whether you can use your electronic chargers and other devices; you may need to bring an adapter.

About Benigna Marko: Bilingual in Spanish and English, Benigna Marko has spent more than 20 years in management and government administration. She served for many years as an Assistant Director for Florida’s Miami-Dade County Department of Planning and Zoning, holding responsibility for finances, public information, human resources, geomatics, and other aspects of administration. She contributes to charities such as United Way. In her spare time, in addition to traveling, she enjoys photography and sailing.