Tips for Photographing Pets

Photographing Pets pic
Photographing Pets

Benigna Marko has worked for nearly three decades as a manager in the local government of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Outside of her professional pursuits, Benigna Marko enjoys a number of hobbies, including photographing animals. Below are a few tips for individuals seeking to capture beautiful photographs of their pets.

Use the right equipment
More often than not, pets do not like to sit still for pictures. To get good shots, it is important that you invest in the right equipment. In addition to selecting a camera with high burst capacity and frame rate, you should test different zoom speeds for varying photo effects.

Grab their attention
Try surprising your pets when you want to grab their attention. Once they are settled and relaxed, call their name, hold up a treat, or whistle so they will look at you. Don’t forget to have your camera ready—you may only have a brief window of time in which to get the shot.

Get on their level
You can take truly unique photographs of your pet by moving the camera down to their level and snapping shots from a variety of angles. Get creative and try photographing them from underneath or behind, or getting close-ups of their ears and paws.