Benigna Marko Offers Practical Tips for Preparing for International Travel

International Travel pic
International Travel

In order to enjoy your traveling experience abroad, you must complete a few preparations in advance. The first necessary step involves the security of your documents, which requires bringing copies of your passport with you and leaving an additional backup copy with a trusted family member or friend. As protection against possible emergencies, register with your embassy and ensure you carry sufficient medical insurance coverage. Before you leave, research local currencies so that you can use cash in addition to carrying your major credit cards. Also notify your bank and card providers of your trip to prevent them from suspecting fraud and delaying approval of your credit charges. Remember to activate your phone for global travel and check whether you can use your electronic chargers and other devices; you may need to bring an adapter.

About Benigna Marko: Bilingual in Spanish and English, Benigna Marko has spent more than 20 years in management and government administration. She served for many years as an Assistant Director for Florida’s Miami-Dade County Department of Planning and Zoning, holding responsibility for finances, public information, human resources, geomatics, and other aspects of administration. She contributes to charities such as United Way. In her spare time, in addition to traveling, she enjoys photography and sailing.