About Benigna Marko

A leader in municipal operations wielding more than two decades of experience, Benigna Marko holds a Bachelor of Public Administration and Master of Public Administration from Florida International University. She embarked on a series of directorial roles in 1981 as an Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Director for Solid Waste Disposal and Chief Personnel Services. In this position, Benigna Marko architected and executed the region’s first recycling policy, composed reports, and supported the human resources department. After five years in this role, Benigna Marko was promoted to Administrative Assistant to Executive Director of Miami-Dade County and garnered experience in arenas of budgeting and purchasing; additionally, she supervised cross-departmental communications and acted as a representative of the division.

In 1990, Benigna Marko transitioned into the Building and Zoning (B&Z) Department. Initially hired in the department as the B&Z Administration Manager, Marko quickly progressed to Systems Manager and Code Administrator. During this period, she accomplished a number of achievements, including the navigation of several civil suits, establishing an affiliation with the Army Corps of Engineers that led to increased safety measures following Hurricane Andrew, and collaborating with the Office of Community Development in an effort to actualize an effective Graffiti Abatement Program. Benigna Marko subsequently accepted a position as the Regulation Division Chief of Miami-Dade County’s Planning, Development, and Regulation Department, which required that she monitor all county codes, compose grant applications, and act as a media liaison. Talented at leadership and communication, Benigna Marko next served as the sector’s Administrative Services Division Director and earned promotion after four years to Assistant Director of Administration and Operations. In this regard, she led the smooth transition to digital documentation, managed and evaluated a $23 million annual budget, and negotiated the acquisition of grants and other funds.

Skilled in professional and personal endeavors, Benigna Marko enjoys gardening and baking in her spare time.


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